Turn your Galaxy Y into a super power turbo phone               


 Android tricks

Hi Guys,
Would like to share few tricks what I’m using on my day to day life. If you follow these tricks then your phone will get
1. Extra Battery Life
2. It increases the over all performance of the phone
3. you can install  as many application as you want.

Step 1: Root your device:-
We need to root the device to get all the super user permission follow this link for more information

Step 2 : v6 Super Charger script :-
Download the following
1.v6 Supercharger script U9 RC5.2
2.Script Manager 
3.BusyBox 1.7
Do To :
  • a)Save the supercharger script anywhere on your storage
  • b) Run Script Manager and press Browse as Root (the one under Install). When the SU dialog appears press allow.
  • c)While on Script Manager, browse to where you save the supercharger script click it
  • d)A new window would appear. Press the “Su” icon under the Run button at the upper left hand corner. Press Run.
  • e)A lot of codes would appear. Some sort of system check bla bla bla. Just a little patience…
  • f)“Press Return Key… and Come Get Some!!” would appear. DON’T PRESS THE RETURN KEY. Press anywhere and press any key and then press enter.
  • g)You would then see a lot of options 1-31. Please enter number 9.
  • h)It would now run the setting we chose. Like lowmemkiller values, OOM groupings, Kernel/Mem Tweaks, etc..
  • i)If an option to not use Build.prop appears, cause it might cause boot loops, then allow the creation of local.prop (i think. i can’t remember). Just follow your heart. haha
  • j)Press the back soft key. “Script is running. What do you want?” Choose Kill.
  • k)Since we’re all using stock ROMs (for the moment), press the back soft key until you reach the ROOT directory. Then open the Data folder and click on the 99Supercharger.sh
  • l)Then under the Run button, press the icon for Su and Boot. This would automate the supercharger script upon boot. Then press run and then kill the script.
  • m)Run the first script again (yup the one from Step 1). and now, choose option number 30. It would now super clean the system and restart.
  • DONE! Feel the difference!
You could also install the Kick Ass Kernel Tweaks (KAK) . Get the update 3 RC3.1
KAK Direct Download
IMPORTANT!!!!! Just follow the steps from above and be sure not to apply the IO Tweak as it is very unstable and might cause boot loop
Then using step number 11, navigate to 98KickAssKernelizer.sh and make it run upon boot.
Reboot your device and DONE!
You ll notice the following  difference now 

  1. Completely no launcer redraws (wherein the widgets disappear and appear. it’s like refreshing in windows), I’m using the default Touchwiz UX.
  2. There is no delay with the Task Switcher. (the third soft key) Before applying the script, I had like 1-1.5 second delay with it. Now it only has 0.5 or so.
  3. The RAM usage is stable now
  4. The best part about this script is that multi-tasking has been easier. Jumping from one app to another is now a breeze. Applications start faster than before.

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2. partition and activation a2sd darktremor Via CWM for Galaxy young

Here, i wanna share to partition sd card and activaion a2sd Darktremor via CWM for our S5360...

1.) download CWM for S5360 :
 CWM-Mod_gt-s5360.zip 1Mb and a2sd enabler .

2.) extract a2sd enabler and take dtapps2sd- . but don't extract CWM for S5360.

3.) backup ur sd card, because when partition is running ur data will be delete. now we work.

4.) copy CWM for S5360 to ur sd card. go to recovery mode (volume up+home+power), and than go to instal Zip from sd card than chose CWM-Mod_gt-s5360.zip.

5.) Now u r in CWM mod, chose advance and create partition. for the next chose everymuch that u wanna partition ur sd card. wait until partition is done.

6.) unplug ur sd card and copy take dtapps2sd- and copy again CWM for S5360.

7.) go to recovery mod again and go to CWM mod. go to instal zip from sd card. and choose dtapps2sd- wait until done and u will be bootloop but dont worry this means the program is running.

8.) now if U have Titanium backup, instal it or go to market to download it. look, is there sd (a2sd). and than instal/download better terminal emulator.

9.) come in to better terminal emulator and write
$a2sd cachesd

10.) now all of ur data move to ext sdcard...



Firefox alpha for armv6[LINKS UPDATED]

Firefox Alpha armv6

Thanks to Kannibalism

I do not take credit for this browser i did not develop it credits should go straight to mozilla for delivering there browser to armv6 devices.

The firefox alpha browser is not compatible with all of the current plugins available for the stable firefox browser that is already available on the market. Compatibility checking is based on the version number. After playing around with this browser while its still in alpha i find it to be quite stable but lags a bit.

i have personally tested it and it works somewhat fine, too much use of ram. but its kind of stable. mozilla is taking armv6 seriously.

"ARMv6 is some huge percentage of Android devices, something like 62%. By not supporting it our market is immediately cut by over a third. We should try to get these builds working again."

updated dload link click here

the link to original thread all credits to him. please thank him click here

Steps To Update:
1) open the browser and press menu
2) press more
3) press settings
4) press about nightly
5) check for updates


BaCeM-TWEAK, Kernel Module for enable UV and Governor

all the credits goes to irfanbagus

sgy kernel have some issue related with cpu frequency.
first, cpu latency is not set correctly. the effect, non build-in freq governor can not working at all.
second, missing frequency table so cpu freq stat is not working. that bug make cpu spy (and other similar app) not working.

so, i write small loadable kernel module to solve that issue. i make my tweks as module so it can works with stock kernel. and for addition, i add under-voltage capability.

download and flash zip file in recovery mode. you can edit init.d script (00bacem-tweak) to change under-voltage.
if your device become unstable make both voltage higher, but keep it under stock kernel default value. i am not responsible to anything happen on your phone so be careful when tweak that value.
before install latest version (0.2), if you already install old version, flash bacem-remove-0.2.zip from recovery mode. and then flash bacem-tweak-0.2.zip

warning : it's not for noob (in real life)

to change uv manually run from terminal
echo -20mV > /proc/sys/bacem/volt/cpu
and to check if your under-voltage success
cat /proc/sys/bacem/volt/cpu
Source code
BaCeM-tweak under bacem branch. 

Build :
BCM-tweak 0.1
- Initial release
BCM-tweak 0.1.1
- Fix init.d script
- Add interactive governor
BaCeM-tweak 0.2
- Change name to BaCeM-tweak
- Support more than 2 freq
- Auto detect (and auto fix) missing cpufreq table
- Using sysctl to control under-voltage
- Real-time under-voltage. no need to unload module to change uv, and no need change frequency to apply under-voltage
BaCeM-tweak 0.2.1
- Apply workaround for instability on stock rom using init.d script. Not beautiful solution but at least it's work.
- Fix bug in memory allocation
- Fix for potential incompatibility with merruk kernel

File Type: zipbcm-tweak-0.1.1.zip - [Click for QR Code] (159.5 KB, 1326 views)
File Type: zipbacem-tweak-0.2.zip - [Click for QR Code] (160.6 KB, 68 views)
File Type: zipbacem-remove-0.2.zip - [Click for QR Code] (153.9 KB, 63 views)
File Type: zipbacem-tweak-0.2.1.zip - [Click for QR Code] (160.7 KB, 205 views)


[SOUND-MOD][6/26/2012] anonymous sound mod-beats style

all the credits goes to  kurotsugi

there are already a lot of sound mod out there. aside from the original beats audio mod from rockodev, we can also find xLoud, srs mod, and off course megabassbeat which I've given to you the modified version in this forum. however, none of them comes with a "style". most of them are works in background as a lib and framework files. no one could see if that mod is already installed or not since we can't see any new apps installed. so, here comes my sound mod. the idea is to make a mod which not only give you an improvement on sound quality but also add more style on your device. this mod comes with all binary files, lib files, framework files, and everything you need to improve you device's sound quality. it also comes with a beats sound enhancement app and a beats styled media player. try it, and you'll find the differences.

the download links:
v.1 : http://d-h.st/JSc
EDIT: if you got FC issue on the music player you can replace the music player with this one

installation guide:
1. put in your sdcard.
2. boot into recovery.
3. flash the file via CWM.

uninstall guide:
# easy method --> reflash your rom or restore your backup
# hard method --> delete everything inside this mod except system native files. I've flagged the native files with *.xxx1 extension.


important notes:
1. if you're using stock rom, please delete music.apk and music.odex in /system/app.
2. if you have dsp manager, clear you app data and uninstall it.
3. the beats enhancement app is not from me. its comes from aya.yaya in galaxy fit forum. here is the link for the original thread.http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1627288
4. there's a bug in the beats enhancement app. if you're using my media player don't set the dynamic range compression at maximum. 
5. I still can't decide the mod name (lol). I named it anonymous sound mod but if you have another idea please contact me or you can write your suggestion below.
v.1 - 27/6/2012
- first initial public release
- new build with bin files, lib files, sound files, and apps
v.1.1 - 10/7/2012
- fix music player FC issue on some custom rom
1. aya.yaya for the permission of using his app in this mod
2. dehumanized for the chance to investigate and modify his megabassbeats
3. all member of XDA
4. you
this thread intent is for sharing. feel free to use, edit, distribute all material inside this thread which came from me. if there any parts of this mod which comes not from me please refer to the original dev I've mentioned in this thread. if want to share it to another forum or modify it you don't have to ask my permission. no need to credits, put links or whatsoever. you'll only need to remember that you should held all the responsibility by using this mod, modify it or distribute it. DO IT WITH YOUR OWN RISK