Tuesday, 14 August 2012



[B][I][U]ussrv5 link http://www.mediafire.com/?p89xci8ka3ldec3

(updated and patch moved to post3)


EPM(extended power menu)
4way boot(push power button choose restart)
jellybean statusbar
deodexed all apk
new lidroid
fast stable
many more
Jelly bean taste

Monday, 6 August 2012

stock rom cwm flashable with swipe to remove & 14 toggle status bar

Stock ROM CWM Flashable with 14 toggles Status Bar + Swipe to Remove Notification! 

I have made a Stock ROM (deodexed) CWM flashable for Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 which is the first time for Galaxy Y and as this ROM.is deodexed by me so I will also tell you how to add 14 Toggles Status Bar on this Deodexed Stock ROM. Let’s see!

+ Rooted with restored warranty

+ Latest DDLE1 Indian firmware

+ Lidroid 14 toggles Status Bar

+ Swipe to remove notification

+ Deodexed

+ Zipalign

+ DSP Manager

+ & all other..

How to Install?

1. Download all the zip files to SD Card (not in any folder).

2. Boot your phone in CWM Recovery.

3. Wipe data & Cache Partition.

4. Select Install zip from sdcard> Choose zip from sdcard.

5. Select DDLE1_GalaxyY.zip

6. Select Yes-Install DDLE1

7. Flashing will start and may take 10 minutes to be completed.

8. When you get message Install from sdcard complete, select reboot system now.

Phone will restart and first boot may take upto 10 minutes.

Stock ROM successfully flashed!

If you have flashed stock ROM by above steps, then you can add 14 toggles status bar & Swipe to remove notification by these steps [ONLY DO THIS IF YOU HAVE COMPLETED ABOVE STEPS DO NOT TRY ON OTHER STOCK ROM AS THEY ARE NOT DEODEXED BUT THIS STOCK ROM IS DEODEXED]:

1. Boot your phone CWM Recovery.

2. Select Install zip from sdcard> Choose zip from sdcard.

3. Select Swipe and lidroid.zip & install it.

4. When you get message Install from sdcard complete, select reboot system now.

Now see and Viola! There is:

√ Swipe to remove notification
√ 14 toggles status bar

Themed Screenshots -

Download Link

Stock ROM CWM Flashable


Swipe to Remove + 14 toggle


External Theme


Sunday, 29 July 2012

{Rom}{Apoc-Kernel}{IceCreamBread v4.5}

Ice Cream Bread - Apocalypse v4.5

A Fast, Stable, Speedy, Lagfree, Customizable Rom...

What'z In It???

Here Is Whats In It.... 

Based On Pure Stock DXLC1 Firmware

System Features:

  • Pre-Rooted/SuperUser
  • Busybox v1.19.3 Installed
  • Darktremor Apps2SD v.2.7 Installed
  • Zipaligned
  • Deodexed
  • Init.d Support (Apoc Kernel)
  • Bash Command Shell
  • Nano Support
  • Undervolt Support (-110mV Default)
  • CWM v5 Recovery As Default
  • Dualboot Support
  • Droid Wall Support
  • CIFS Support
  • Swap Support
  • Bacem Tweak Integrated (110mV As Default)
  • 4 Frequencis ( 312, 468, 624, 832 )
  • ext4 Support
  • sd-Ext Integrated
  • cm7 Support

Display Features:
  • Gingerbread 14 Status Toggle (Transparent)
  • I.C.S - Honeycomb Popups
  • Bounce Animations
  • Froyo-Honeycomb Lockscreen
  • Sony Xperia Launcher
  • I.C.S Nexus Bootanimation
  • Some ICS,Froyo, and Gingerbread Wallpapers
  • Sony Bravia HD Engine
  • MiFile Explorer (Black ICS Themed)
  • 2 Pre-Installed Fonts (Chococooky And ComicBookC)
  • Froyo Messaging
  • Gingerbread Dialer
Performance Features:
  • Init.d Performance Scripts
  • Lag-Free System
  • Ram Optimization Tweaks
  • Build.prop Tweaks
  • 18 Governors Added (Apoc Kernel), 5 IO Sched
  • conservative
  • smoothass
  • smartassV2
  • hotplug
  • minmax
  • Scary
  • SavagedZen
  • lazy
  • interactiveX
  • brazillianwax
  • interactive
  • ondemand
  • powersave
  • bcm21553
  • Lionheart
  • performance
AND Some More Governors...

Network Features:
  • *LA1/*LC1 CSC (Set As GLB Default CSC)
  • Network TCP Tweaks

Other Features:
  • Google Maps W/ Worldwide Navigation Activated
  • Google Play Music 4
  • Beats Audio Images (bass_iBeats,dynamic_iBeats) Compatible For Beats Solo
  • DSP Manager 2.3.6/2.3.6
  • And Some More Features You Can Find In It.....

  • What Does It Look Like???

    Here Are Some Screen Shots:



    Rules And Regulations:

    Before You Install This Rom, It Is Not My Fault Or Anybody's Fault If You Brick Your Phone
    That's Why I Am Asking You To Install Carefully With Your Own Sharp Eyes
    Now, Do This At Your Own Risk!

    How Do I Install This Rom???

    Instructions (Follow Carefully!)

    1. Download The .zip File From The Download Link Below
    2. Move or Copy The .zip File To Your Phone
    3. Boot Up To Recovery Mode (VolUp+HomeKey+PowerKey)
    4. Wipe Data And Cache
    5. Select "Apply Update From Zip"
    6. Choose The Zip File
    7. After Installation Select "Reboot System Now"
    8. When Boot Up Completes You Have Successfully Installed The Rom!

    Note: Boot Up Will Take 5-12 Min.

    Download Mirrors:


    Warning! Do Not Mirror The Link, Redirect Them To This Thread...

    Does This Rom Have Bugs???

    Now This Rom Has Only 1 Bug 

    • Flashlight On Status Bar Not Working

    Now... The Nandroid Bug Fix : First Is To Mount Data And System Before Backup Or Restore... Done!

    Thanks To All These People For Their Great Help!

    xda For Allowing Me To Share My Rom
    savie For His Kernel
    Gianni For Being My First Tester ( Not On XDA) 
    mendozinas For The UOT Kitchen
    dsixda For The Android Kitchen

all the credits goes to SethDeCode'z

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Simply Young Vol 1.7 Release

all the credits goes to arbylaw

===== Simply Young Vol 1.7 Release=====

I dont know what I must to say, because I'm not good in english.
I just want to share my Custom Rom here. It's called "Simply Young Vol 1.7"
I have already been release for Vol 1.0, but I dont share it here, I share it in Official Grup Galaxy Young Indonesia only.

Here is some result for my Custom Rom :
  • Based DXLE1
  • A2sd
  • Kernel Repencis support droidwall, 3 Frequency, 17 Governor, 5 I/O (Credits to Fedy Kusuma)
  • White Status Bar, White Settings
  • Add 6 Lockscreen (Thanks to Creed, for the Tutor)
  • Add Swipe to Remove notification
  • Smart Keyboard Pro as default Keyboard (delete stock Keyboard)
  • Flashlight working
  • Mms Cyanogen (no fc)
  • Gallery3D Cyanogen (smooth, but…)
  • Add MIUI icon pack
  • And many more.. (You will know if you try it)

LINK : Click Here To Download

How To Install
Just like other Custom Roms
  • Put “zz_Update_Simply_Young_Vol_1-7.zip” on your sd card
  • Flash it via CWM Recovery
  • Do Wipe data and Cache
  • Reboot
  • Just Wait. The first boot will take about 3 - 5 minutes
  • Finish

More Screenshot :



Saturday, 7 July 2012

jeniper - v 1.00


================================================== ==================================

================================================== ==================================
Feature :
  • Based on DXLE1
  • Stock Kernel Mod
  • Deodexed
  • zipalign
  • ext4 activated
  • swap activated
  • amarul script
  • adrenaline script
  • megabass script
  • themed

Download Link : Here (107 MB)

Instalation :
  • flash to stockrom DXLE1 via odin (recomended - but you can pass this point, i've been test it from another rom.)
  • partition your sdcard to sd-ext (label) with ext2 partition
  • partition linux swap
  • if you have the partition, then reformat it first
  • put jeniper-v1.00 on sdcard root
  • reboot to recovery, do wipe data n wipe cache
  • go to CWM recovery
  • do wipe data and wipe cache again
  • install Jeniper-v1.00.zip
  • it take a while, please be patient
  • after instalation you will get notes that mount cache is failed, its ok
  • reboot your handheld and wait for a while
  • when a green android logo appear, login with your account
  • done, just that. Jeniper-v1.00 installed

Fixing Script :
  • some part of adrenaline engine not copied to handheld because i miss 2 lines command on instalation zip.
  • Download Link : Here (203 KB)
  • Flash with CWM Recovery
  • - ENJOY -

Notes :
  • when you reboot to stock recovery, you will get mount /cache failed, i think it's because stock recovery not supported ext4, but on CWM recovery, the message about it is disappear
  • do not wipe data n wipe cache after installing this rom, sd-ext and system will be error and you'll get bootloop (except you want flash to another rom)
  • Titanium Backup cannot do restore task, please delete it manually
  • after that you can install another version of titanium backup.


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